The Opera Diva Who Sings in Church


Throughout the year, Margaret Felice performs on the gilded stage of the opera and from the sanctuary at Mass.

No matter the venue, Felice finds singing a gift that helps inform and deepen her faith.

“To be able to use beautiful words that other people wrote to express that [spirituality] touches something very deep inside me,” she said.

The Boston-based religion teacher has sung in operas like Carmen and The Crucible as part of the Boston Opera Collaborative. She also won first place in the finals of Just Love to Sing! (formerly New Hampshire Opera Idol), and was a featured recitalist at the Boston College Arts Festival.

During the day, Felice serves as director of liturgical music at Boston College High School, as well as the choir director for the Boston College Liturgical Arts Group.

Felice writes about the intersection of singing and faith on her blog, Felice Mi Fa.

Learn more about Margaret’s ministry in this video: