Finding God Behind the Lens


Margaret Matijasevic finds God behind her camera lens. Throughout her day, the 31-year-old zooms in on what captures her attention: her children, a bird taking flight, a cup of coffee—ordinary things, she says, “not just Ansel Adams nature photography.”

“I get an overwhelming sense of peace when I do this,” she said. “Most often I find myself smiling at God’s goodness.”

Matijasevic didn’t dream that her hobby would become her passion. As a theology major at the University of San Diego, Matijasevic spent a lot of her time in the dark room pursuing her interest in photography.

But it wasn’t until she took an independent study class that a professor helped her marry her theology major with her passion in photography.

Fifteen years later, she’s still grateful for the professor’s direction.

“I have learned to connect my photographs with my prayer life,” she said. “He was inviting me into theological reflection long before I understood what that might mean in my journey of faith.”

These days she uses an iPhone5 instead of a Canon Rebel. And at the end of every day, in a form of the Examen, Matijasevic reviews her day through her photos, and often finds herself in conversation with God.

“They reveal moments of grace gifted to you, and can allow you the invitation to recognize God's movement in your life,” she said. “Coming back to look at your journey with visual reminders can be very stimulating, honest, and challenging.”

Matijasevic, the San Fernando Regional Coordinator for the Office of Religious Education in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, put together a collection of her photos and accompanying reflections. View the presentation here: