A Family Prayer


Praise be to Godwho made us a family.
Praise be to Godfor the love that we share.
Praise be to Godfor sending us Jesus.
Praise be to Godfor teaching us to care.

Help us, Lord Jesusfill our lives with your Spirit.
Help us, Lord Jesusteach us how to forgive.
Help us, Lord Jesusgrant us wisdom and patience.
Help us, Lord Jesusin your grace may we live.

Come, Holy Spiritfill our lives with your gifts.
Come, Holy Spirithelp us serve other's needs.
Come, Holy Spiritteach us faith, hope, and love.
Come, Holy Spiritguide our thoughts and our deeds.

Be with us, Godwe ask Mary to help us.
Be with us, Godwe look to Joseph for aid.
Be with us, Godmay we respect one another.
Be with us, Godmay our hope never fade.

Hear us, Lord Jesuswatch over our family.
Hear us, Lord Jesushelp our faith to grow strong.
Hear us, Lord Jesuscome and dwell in our hearts.
Hear us, Lord Jesusto you we belong.

Spirit, we praise youyou invite us to know you.
Spirit, we praise youmay we walk in your light.
Spirit, we praise youmay we find you in all things.
Spirit, we praise youall day and all night.