Praying Your Way Through the Day

12 Tips for You


Many believers have come to realize that their day goes better when they pray early and often. Here’s a list of suggestions for praying your way through your day. Pick one or two suggestions that seem to be calling you and make a habit of them. You can always add more prayer to your day as time goes by.

  1. Start with a Morning Offering.

    Start each day by declaring your intention to make a gift of all the “joys, works, prayers, and sufferings” of the day ahead. Use words such as “God, I offer you my whole day. I offer you all that I am, all that I have, and all that I will do. Help me to know and do your will.”
  2. Think ahead.

    Imagine the toughest challenge facing you in the day ahead. Now imagine that these are moments of grace in which God is especially present to you.
  3. Take a quiet time.

    Early in your day, spend a brief period of quiet. Starting your day with ten minutes to half an hour in meditative prayer will make a huge difference in your whole day.
  4. Pray as you sit down to eat breakfast.

    Ask for strength and direction in your day.
  5. Make lemonade.

    Pray during the day whenever you hit a snag and feel frustrated.
  6. Pray with joy.

    Pray when you feel glad to see or hear from someone—a friend, a coworker, a student, a customer.
  7. Pray before your noontime meal.

    Ask for patience, perseverance, and hope.
  8. Take a three-minute prayer break.

    In midafternoon simply breathe and ask to be refreshed. Imagine rays of light filling your soul.
  9. Pray at transition times.

    Be aware of your body as one part of the day comes to an end and another begins. Slow down and breathe deeply.
  10. Pray before your evening meal.

    In addition to thanking God for your food, take a moment for everyone at the table to answer the questions “Who blessed me with their presence and their actions today?” and “Whom did I bless?”
  11. Pray to let go of the cares of the day.

    Find a “trigger moment,” such as putting your keys on your dresser; turning off the television, radio, or computer; or laying out clothes for the next day, that can serve as a reminder to take a moment for reflective prayer.
  12. Finish your day with night prayer.

    Before you drift off to sleep, thank God for all the gifts you received and for rest, assurance, calm, and peace.