A Play: Saint John Bosco


CHARACTERS: Bartolomew, Father John Bosco, Father Joe, Cook
(A cook has a boy by the collar and drags him into the room.)
Cook: You sit here, thief! Good thing I caught you, beggar boy. (pushes the boy into a chair)
Bart: I hate you! (Cook starts to leave and bumps into John Bosco and Father Joe coming into the room.)
Father Joe: Who’s this?
Cook: I caught this thief stealing my pastries.
Bart: I’m hungry, that’s all. I haven’t eaten all day.
Cook: Be quiet! That filthy boy can stay right there till I call the police.
Bart: No! (He tries to run for the door.)
Father John: Wait a minute! Cook, you go. I’ll take care of this boy.
Cook: Better you than me! (Cook leaves.)
Bart: Let me go! I’m not going to jail!
Father Joe: Should I get the police? (Boy yells louder.)
Father John: No, I’m not calling the police. (Boy stops struggling.) I just want to know your name.
Bart: Bartolomew Garelli.
Father Joe: Where do you live?
Bart: I live in a dirty room with six other boys. We roam the streets to find something to eat. Let me go. I’ll leave you alone.
Father John: Would you like to come for Mass?
Bart: Mass? What’s that? I’ve never heard of Mass.
Father John: Why not come to Mass? Bring your six friends with you, and I’ll give you supper.
Bart: Promise?
Father John: I mean it. (Bart leaves.)
Father Joe: They’ll never listen to you. They’ve never been in school. These boys are professional thieves.
Father John: I’ll entertain them with some juggling tricks I learned at home, and then I’ll teach them.
Father Joe: Do you know what you’re starting?
Father John: Yes, a home for boys. Every boy needs a father.
Father Joe: You’re a wonderful priest to do this.

Excerpted from Christ Our Life, by Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio