St. Lucy's Lesson of Light

by Marian Bach

Light is very important to us as humans. Light is a necessity as darkness sets in. As humans we count on and sometimes take for granted the physical light around us as well as the light within. That is, until we know darkness.

St. Lucy, whose feast day is celebrated on December 13, is known as the patron saint of blindness. Legend has it that St. Lucy was tortured by Diocletian because of her deep faith. Legend continues that her eyes were taken and concludes that God miraculously restored Lucy’s eyesight. The important message, as I “see” it, is the importance of light and living our faith openly and without fear.

The physical light around us, be it the lights we switch on when darkness comes or the beautiful sunrise and sunlight during the day, is very important. More important is the light of Christ, living within each of us.

Custom has it, especially in the Scandinavian countries, that girls process with candles on their heads to celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy. How wonderful it would be if we would always process forward with the light within our hearts and souls as baptized Christians.

It is said that our eyes are the windows into our souls. There is physical blindness, and there is also inner blindness. I often wonder how many opportunities I have missed or have been blind to when it comes to being an instrument of Christ’s light for others. In a world filled with the darkness of greed, selfishness, and individualism, light is needed, and we have been given the wonderful challenge to be that light for others. Stamping out the darkness that surrounds and envelops our world by courageously standing up for our faith would result in a world of brilliant Christ-light!


St. Lucy, your name means light. You lived your faith, knowing the importance of sharing the light of Christ with others, even when it meant persecution and hardship. Please help us to be light in darkness, to know we are called to carry the light of Christ to a world in need, to our families, our places of work and ministry, and our Church. Help us to see the many opportunities given us each day to be a light in darkness. Amen.

Marian Bach

Marian Bach

Marian Bach has been involved in school and parish ministry for nearly 25 years.

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