Saint Romuald

Feast day June 19

Saints Stories for All Ages

In 972, when Romuald was a young man, his father killed a relative in an argument over money. This disturbed Romuald so much that he entered a monastery to do penance for his father’s crime.

For many years he lived alone as a hermit. He fasted and prayed. When he was quite old, he desired to be a martyr. He decided to travel to Hungary, where he hoped to be killed for his faith. On the journey he discovered that he was too old to continue, so he returned to Italy, where he again led a hermit’s life. His way of living was so strict that at first few people were strong enough to imitate him. But he did start several groups of hermits. He died in 1027, at about 75 years old.


  • Romuald’s father repented and also entered a monastery. Have the students write a prayer or offer petitions for their parents or guardians.

Excerpted from Christ Our Life, by Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio

Image credit: Saint Romauld by Fra Angelico, 1442. Public Domain via Wikimedia.