Saint Mary Magdalene

Feast day July 22

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Mary Magdalene was one of Christ’s disciples. She has been identified with several Marys in the Gospel: Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus; Mary, the sinner who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears; Mary, a woman who cared for Jesus and his apostles on their journey. Today scholars believe that Mary Magdalene was not the sinful woman in Scripture although she has been confused with this unnamed woman for centuries.

Matthew, Mark, and John record that Mary of Magdala was present at the crucifixion of Jesus and that she was among the women who visited the tomb on Easter morning. Luke mentions her presence only at the tomb on Easter. According to John, Mary was specially privileged to see and speak to the risen Lord on Easter morning. She thought he was the gardener until he said her name.

So Mary Magdalene was near Jesus in his darkest hour and again in his most glorious hour. Moreover, she was an outstanding disciple of Jesus. Because Mary Magdalene was the one who brought the news of Jesus’ resurrection to the apostles, she is called the Apostle to the Apostles. For centuries St. Mary Magdalene has been considered a model of complete generosity and of sincere sorrow for sin.

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Image credit: Penitent Magdalene by Domenico Tintoretto, 1602. Public Domain via Wikimedia.