Saint Scholastica

Feast day February 10

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Saint Scholastica was the twin sister of Saint Benedict. Benedict studied in Rome but then decided to devote all of his life to the search for God. He organized several community dwellings and finally established a very important monastery at Monte Cassino. Then Scholastica helped her brother found a community of religious women about five miles south of his monastery.

Scholastica and Benedict visited together only once a year. They would spend the day praying and speaking of God and the spiritual life.

When Benedict said he had to return to the monastery, Scholastica begged him to stay and talk awhile longer. Benedict refused, saying that his rule required that the monks be in their monastery at night. Heartbroken, Scholastica folded her hands, put her head on the table, and quietly wept and prayed. As she prayed, a storm began, so terrible that no one could venture out. “What have you done?” Benedict exclaimed to his siter. She explained that since he had refused the favor she has asked, she had turned to God instead, and God granted it. Benedict and Scholastica continued their conversation and prayer until morning.

Three days later, Scholastica died. The brother and sister had enjoyed their final conversation. Benedict had her buried in the tomb he had built for himself.

St. Gregory the Great said of Scholastica, “She could do more because she loved more.”

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Image credit: St. Lucas altarpiece by Andrea Mantegna, 1454. Public Domain via Wikimedia.