8 Steps to Energize Your Faith Video Series


It’s common for adults, when observing little children running around and playing games, to say, “If I had even half of their energy, I’d be happy!” We do, indeed, seek to be energized, both physically and spiritually. Joe Paprocki shares brief videos based on his book, 8 Steps to Energize Your Faith, designed to provide concrete suggestions for tapping into divine energy.

If using the book in a discussion group, the videos below can enhance your group’s experience by serving as jumping-off points to regular meetings or invitations to gather for discussion.

Step One: Create Something

Step Two: Delight in Nature and All of Creation

Step Three: Simplify Your Life

Step Four: Build and Celebrate Relationships

Step Five: Show Compassion

Step Six: Make Repairs

Step Seven: Share Generously and Selflessly

Step Eight: Be Still