Synod on Synodality


Pope Francis convened a synod of bishops in Rome on October 10, 2021. That synod is being followed by local synods in all dioceses around the world. Then, after two years of preparation, listening, and discernment, bishops will once again assemble in Rome in October, 2023, to complete the synod. The goal of this synodal process is to renew the Church and collectively discern a future for the Church.

The Synodal Process: The Church’s Way of Proceeding


3-Minute Retreat: Learning to Listen

3-Minute Retreat: Choosing to Listen

The Ignatian Way: What Is Discernment?

Discernment: Consolation and Desolation by Margaret Silf

Discernment: Making Inspired Choices by Joe Paprocki

Freedom and Discernment by Vinita Hampton Wright

Pop-Up Catechesis: Teaching the Art of Discernment

A Prayer to Listen to the Holy Spirit

High School Lesson: Discernment of Spirits and the Missioned Life

Following the Spirit’s Lead in Communal Discernment by Becky Eldredge

A Method of Group Decision-Making by William J. Byron, SJ

Listening by Kathy Henry

The Seven Ds of Discipleship: Discernment by Julianne Stanz

Growing in Wisdom: Discernment for Young People by Denise Gorss

Practice Listening by Vinita Hampton Wright

Courage’s Role in Discernment by Vinita Hampton Wright

Discernment as Common Vision by Tim Muldoon


Accompaniment Requires Trust by Joe Paprocki

Accompaniment: Giving People the “Time of Day” by Joe Paprocki

Accompaniment by Arturo Sosa, SJ

The Posture of Accompaniment by Becky Eldredge

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