Acting as We Should

Activity Objective

To connect our actions and attitudes with the words of the Beatitudes

Lesson Outcome

The children will identify the Beatitudes as ways of living as members of God's kingdom.


  • Eight slips of paper
  • Container
  • Bible


  • Have the children locate the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-10.
  • Copy the actions and attitudes onto separate slips of paper

1. We feel sad when we see people in bad situations.

2. We work to end bad feelings and arguments.

3. Our possessions are not the most important things in our lives.

4. We do not get angry easily. We are kind and gentle with others.

5. We do our best to see that everyone is treated fairly.

6. We forgive those who hurt us.

7. We do something good even when others laugh at us.

8. We are loyal to God's commands and act with good intentions.

  • Divide the children into eight groups.
  • Invite each group to take a slip of paper.
  • Give each group a few minutes to put together a very brief skit dramatizing the action or attitude indicated on their slip.Those who are not part of the performing group make up the audience.
  • At the conclusion of each skit, the audience determines which beatitude corresponds to the dramatized action or attitude.
  • After the skits, have the children reflect on the positive actions and attitudes they observed.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, People Smart

Approximate Time

30 minutes


Circulate around the room and affirm the groups as they put together their skits.