Angelic Megaphones

Activity Objective

To make megaphones as instruments to share the message of Jesus' birth like the angels did

Lesson Outcome

The children will realize that like the angels, we are all called to be God's messengers.


  • Yellow construction paper (12"x 8")
  • Markers and crayons
  • Foil star stickers
  • Stapler
  • Finding God CD 1, Track 1, "Jesus is Born"


  • After using the CD for "Jesus is Born," recall the role that the angels played in announcing Jesus' birth.
  • Tell the children that God wants us to be like the angels and be messengers for him. So that everyone can hear them share the news of Jesus' birth, they are going to make megaphones, which carry our voices farther and make them sound louder.
  • Demonstrate with a piece of construction paper how you roll it to form the megaphone.
  • Invite the children to decorate the papers by adding star stickers and the words "Share the Good News!" before rolling them and stapling them into megaphone shapes.
  • Ask the children what messages they would like to share about God or Jesus.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


If there are children in your group with special needs (physical, visual, hearing, language, or behavioral disabilities), adapt the activity accordingly.