Band-Aid of Love

Reconciliation Activity

Activity Objective

To help the children act in forgiving ways and feel the peace of reconciliation

Lesson Outcome

The children will understand that we experience reconciliation when we forgive others.


  • Large Band-Aid outline on poster board or heavy paper with a smiley face image drawn in the middle section


  • Show the children the smiley Band-Aid. Ask if they can guess why you put a smiley face on it. (Band-Aid bandages make us feel good.)
  • Tell them that this is a forgiveness Band-Aid. Remind them of your discussion of special words of forgiveness that bring reconciliation to make us happy.
  • Invite the children to gather around you and the poster. Have the poster on an easel if possible. Ask the children to brainstorm with you for special ?feel good? words and phrases of forgiveness.
  • Add the children's suggestions around or inside the Band-Aid as they are offered. (I forgive you; That's OK; I can fix it; You can try again; I know you had a bad day; We're still friends)
  • After all the children have offered their suggestions, have them take turns reading the phrases in a forgiving voice.
  • Conclude by telling the children to think about the smiley Band-Aid when they are in a difficult situation. Remind them that when they forgive and let go of bad feelings, they will feel the peace of reconciliation.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


To make this an ongoing project, display the poster each week and have some smiley-face stickers near it. Invite the children to add a smiley-face sticker to the poster when they have gone out of their way to be forgiving.