Be a Peacemaker! Week

Activity Objective

The young people will gain a greater awareness of the Christian's call to work for world peace.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to describe how we can make God's concern for all people visible in the world.


  • materials will vary


  • In consultation with your principal or catechetical leader, choose a week when it will be possible to carry out a peacemaking activity for each day. The activities should involve all the students in your school or all the young people in your religious education program.
  • Discuss with the young people the responsibility of all Christians to work for world peace.
  • Brainstorm ways that the young people can raise the awareness of the Christian call to work for peace. Write the ideas on the board. (Suggestions follow.)
  • Divide the young people into working groups for each day's project.
  • Possible activities can include the following:

Have the young people write an overview of what will happen during the week and why, which can be announced over the PA system.

Have the young people research quotations, Scripture readings, and prayers related to peace. Begin each day with a PA announcement or create a packet that can be used by teachers/catechists with their young people.

Design and wear buttons as a reminder of peace. The young people can create their own mottos, or they can use ones such as "Think Peace," "To Find Peace, Live in Justice" or "Give Peace a Chance."

Conduct an essay contest based on the topic "The Greatest Peacemaker I Know . . ." Invite the student body to participate. Have the young people advertise the contest, create the rules, choose the judges, and decide on appropriate awards for the winners.

  • Close the week with a special prayer service for peace in which young people from every class can take part. Have all the young people commit themselves to being peacemakers.
  • At the conclusion of the week, invite the young people to evaluate their work and to keep a written account of their observations.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

45 minutes


Be sure to speak with your principal, catechetical leader, and faculty members in advance to invite their support and participation.