Beatitude Ribbon

Activity Objective

To have the children understand that the Beatitudes are a guide to happiness

Lesson Outcome

The children will focus on one of the four Beatitudes presented in this lesson and use them in their daily activities.


  • One yard of ribbon per child (at least one inch wide, any color)
  • Fabric markers
  • Dowel rod


  • After reading and discussing the Beatitudes, pass out the ribbons.
  • Have each child choose a Beatitude their ribbon will represent.
  • Help the children attach their ribbons to the dowel rod.
  • When the dowel rod has all the children's ribbons attached, form a line and take the group into church. The line leader should carry the dowel rod of ribbons, waving it as the group walks.
  • Place the rod at the foot of Mary's statue in church.
  • Talk with the children about working hard to practice the Beatitude on their ribbons this next week.
  • Pray the Hail Mary and the Lord's Prayer as a group.
  • In the following Session, place the dowel rod on the prayer table and talk to the children about how their week went. Return the ribbons if the children want theirs.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


As you walk into the church, remind the children to be respectful.


If the children say it is hard to be happy because of problems in their lives, encourage them to look at the second Beatitude and promise them that God is with them in difficult times.