Bible Memory Chart

Activity Objective

To encourage memorization of Bible verses and to increase attention to the Scripture readings from the Sunday liturgy

Lesson Outcome

The children will be able to recite verses of the Scripture readings from the Sunday liturgy.


  • List of Scripture readings for the following Sunday liturgy
  • Bible Memory Chart
  • Stickers


  • At the end of each class give the children the references for the Scripture readings for the following Sunday.
  • Ask them to memorize a single verse from any of the readings or the Responsorial Psalm.
  • When the children return to class the following week, ask each child to recite the verse he or she memorized.
  • After each child has recited the verse, have him or her place a sticker on the memory chart next to his or her name.

Learning Styles

Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Before the first session, prepare a Bible Memory Chart for the coming year. This chart can be made on white or colored poster board by listing each child's name in the group down the left side of the poster board and the dates of each of the sessions across the top of the chart. Draw dividing lines and columns to guide placement of the stickers.

As an additional challenge, the children can also be asked to give the chapter number and the name of the book of the Bible from which the verse came.