Cards of Gratitude

Activity Objective

To have the children express their respect and gratitude to the people with whom they share their room space

Lesson Outcome

The children will realize that others use the same space they do and that they must work together to take care of the room.


  • One sheet of construction paper, any color
  • Markers


  • Find out what other groups use your room space.
  • Direct the children that as a class you will compose a letter of thanks for sharing the space and helping to take care of it.
  • Include in the letter a paragraph telling how your group works to take care of the space you share.
  • Decorate the front of the card with Thank You written in large letters.
  • Tape the card in the front of the room.

Learning Styles

Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Find out the name of the teacher and/or other catechists with whom you share space. Personalize the card if possible.


Be sure the children understand that you have a responsibility to be good stewards of the room you use.