A Change of Heart

Activity Objective

To teach children to make choices that will help them to live peacefully with others

Lesson Outcome

The children will explain how the Holy Spirit helps them to have a change of heart to follow Jesus.


  • Heart-shaped papers with poor-choice situations written on one side
  • Pencils or markers


  • Tell the children that they are going to be doing an activity that will help them to make change-of-heart decisions so their actions will help them live peacefully with others.
  • Divide the children into groups and give each group a paper heart with a poor-choice decision written on one side. (Examples: Your dad asked why you were late and you said the bus was late, but you stopped at your friend's. Your friend wanted to invite another child to play ball with you, and you got mad.)
  • Invite each group to discuss a change-of-heart decision for this situation that would make them turn back to God and be caring to others. (Examples: Own up to having stopped at a friend's and apologize to your dad. Be a caring friend by welcoming all to your game.)
  • Ask the groups to turn their hearts over at the same time?symbolizing a turning back to God?and write their choosing-God decisions on the other side.
  • Invite the children to share their ideas.
  • Conclude by asking the children who gives them the grace to turn back to God (Holy Spirit).
  • Remind the children to follow the Ten Commandments to live peacefully.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


Talk about and give examples of conversion before beginning the activity.