Community Mobiles

Activity Objective

To build a mobile representing us as members of our communities

Lesson Outcome

The belief will be reinforced in?young people?that God wants us to love and obey those within our communities.


  • Paper Plates, one per child
  • Scissors
  • Colored yarn or string
  • Hole punch
  • Markers


  • Explain to the group that God's love is central to how we interact with each other. God expresses this to us through the Ten Commandments, especially commandments four, five, and six.
  • Ask the children to think of different communities to which they belong (Church, school, sports teams, family, neighborhoods, and so on). Ask the children to think about God's commandments within all of these communities.
  • Tell the children they are going to make a mobile, representing themselves within all of these communities. Remind them that we are reflecting God's love as we follow his commandments when we interact with others within these communities.Pass out a paper plate and scissors to each child. Have markers, a hole punch, and a pile of string available to the children.
  • Ask the children to cut out the center of the plate. It's OK if they cut through the outer rim since they will be cutting it into smaller pieces anyway.
  • Have them write God's Love near the top of the center piece and the fourth, fifth, and sixth commandments below it. Thread a piece of yarn through the top of the center piece. Be sure to knot the end so that the yarn does not slide through.
  • On the rim piece of the plate, instruct children to write down different communities to which they belong. They should have at least five to six. Instruct them to cut them into roughly equal-sized pieces and hole punch the pieces. Have them tie equal lengths of yarn through the pieces and knot.
  • Next, advise the children to hole punch the center piece the same number of times as they have rim pieces. The holes should be evenly spaced around the center piece.
  • Tie the community pieces to the center piece. The children can decorate the center piece if they wish.
  • Explain to the group that God's love is the center of our lives and that he gives us specific instructions on how to live among others. These instructions are the Ten Commandments. (commandments four, five, and six)

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


This project is easier to do if there is an example made ahead of time for the group to see.

Bring paper clips if you want to help balance the weight of the mobile.