Cooperative Groups

Activity Objective

To teach the children to use their talents to help others by taking appropriate roles in a unit review project

Lesson Outcome

The children will recognize that we all receive different gifts from the Spirit and that they should offer to share their gifts with others.


  • Whatever is needed for project chosen
  • Writing paper
  • Pencils


  • Tell the children that you will ask them to work in teams to plan presentations for a unit review so they will be able to see how everyone can share their talents.
  • Divide the children into three planned teams, mixing children with different gifts and abilities.
  • Assign a unit review topic to each team. (Examples: vocabulary; Bible passages; sacraments) Perhaps let them determine the team outcome?a skit, a multimedia presentation, or a game.
  • Give them time to discuss what talents they need to complete their projects and who will best do what jobs. Ask them to give you their completed list and ideas for their presentation.
  • Suggest that at the conclusion of this unit, part of your review will be the completion and sharing of these team projects.
  • Conclude by thanking the team members for offering their gifts to make their team's project the best it can be.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, People Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Encourage the children to use gentle words with each other and to compromise when two team members want to do the same job.


Make sure the children do not put down other team members. Perhaps tell them you will signal them by saying, ?Cooperative groups, please,? if you hear negative comments.