Create a Family Crest for the Church

Activity Objective

To name and explain the four Marks of the Church

Lesson Outcome

The children will create a family crest for all members of the Church that contains symbols of each of the four qualities that Jesus Christ shares with his Church through the Holy Spirit.


  • Construction paper (one sheet per child)
  • Markers, crayons, or watercolors
  • An example of a crest design
  • Scrap paper
  • Other art materials to help decorate the crest


  • After discussing each of the four Marks of the Church, show the children an example of a family crest and explain that the crests were designed to represent a particular family through symbols.
  • Invite the children to reflect on each of the four Marks of the Church and then to design a symbol to represent each of the four marks. (This can be done on scrap paper first.)
  • Distribute the construction paper and instruct the children to draw the outline of a family crest on it.
  • Using the four symbols they have designed, encourage the children to create a family crest for the Catholic Church, either by combining all four symbols into one design, or by dividing the crest into four sections and putting one design into each section.
  • Let the children decorate their crest in any way that is appropriate for a symbol of the Catholic Church.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


If there are children in your group with special needs (physical, visual, hearing, language, or behavioral disabilities), adapt the activity accordingly.