Creating a Class Prayer Quilt

Activity Objective

To create a prayer quilt to be used in the group prayer center

Lesson Outcome

The children will begin to understand the idea of community and the importance of each child's presence in the group.


  • 6? or 8? pre-cut felt squares, one for each child as well as for the yourself and aides, plus one or two extras for children who might join the group later in the year
  • Permanent markers
  • Fabric glue
  • One bed sheet or inexpensive tablecloth


  • Near the beginning of the year, discuss with the children the importance of each child's contribution to the group. Tell the group that they will be creating a prayer quilt to be used in the prayer center.
  • Invite each child to design his or her own square.
  • The square should include the child's name and one or more symbols of things or activities he or she likes to do.
  • Using fabric glue, mount the completed squares plus the one or two extra squares on a bed sheet or inexpensive tablecloth.
  • Put the finished prayer quilt on top of the table in the prayer center.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Construction-paper squares can be used in place of felt squares.

Make sure that what the children draw on their squares is appropriate.

Have materials organized and ready to prevent the activity from taking too long.


If there are children in your group with special needs (physical, visual, hearing, language, or behavioral disabilities), adapt the activity accordingly.