Creating Prayers of Petitions

Activity Objective

To demonstrate that the children have the ability to create prayers of petition

Lesson Outcome

The children will pray together as a group for people they know are in need of prayers


  • One plain cross that fits in the hands of the children


  • Invite the group to form a prayer circle.
  • Practice the response, Lord hear our prayer.
  • Each child will have an opportunity to hold the cross in his or her hands and share someone or something for which they want to pray.
  • After each child says his or her prayer, say: We pray to the Lord.
  • The children will respond: Lord hear our prayer.
  • As a child finishes his or her prayer request, he or she passes the cross to the next child.
  • If a child is too shy to verbalize his or her prayer, have him or her bow his or her head and think about his or her prayer request. When he or she looks up, all say: We pray to the Lord.
  • Go around the entire prayer circle giving each child a chance to participate.

Learning Styles

Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Soft music could be playing in the background.

Do your prayer intention last, encouraging the children to be original.


Do not force a child to speak; allow him or her to pray silently