Photo Op

Activity Objective

To teach the children that all of creation praises God their creator

Lesson Outcome

The children will describe the beauty of nature as a reflection of God's love and beauty.


  • Collection of large magazine pictures or photos of nature scenes, plants, and animals
  • Paper
  • Pencils


  • Tell the children that nature photographers record through their pictures the beauty that God created in nature. They call these ?photo ops.? Tell the children that they will have an opportunity to see and describe the results of some photo ops.
  • Divide the children into small groups. Have as many stations around the room as you have groups. Have a picture at each station.
  • Give each group a sheet of paper and a pencil. Ask them to choose a person to be the recorder. Start one group at each station.
  • Remind the children of Psalm 148:7-14. Suggest that each group write a continuing psalm describing the photo- op scenes. (Example: The mountain praises God for its majestic, snow-covered peaks. The polar bear praises God for its warm, snow-white coat.)
  • Demonstrate by holding up a nature photo for all to see and speaking the psalm words that would go with it. (Example: The giraffe praises God for its long, graceful neck.)
  • Have groups progress from station to station, adding to their psalm with each description.
  • Conclude with a sharing time, emphasizing how the children have shown appreciation for God's creation with their beautiful descriptive words.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Circulate among the groups to be sure all the children are participating.