Flower Gifts

And God's Love

Activity Objective

To plant a Paper White bulb to give to someone

Lesson Outcome

The children will remember that God promises life for us.


  • Small plastic cups, preferably a solid color, the wider cocktail-glass size
  • Gravel
  • Paper White Narcissus bulbs
  • Water


  • Explain to the children that there is life within all things. Show them a bulb and explain that, with God's Love, this rather tattered, dingy object will become a beautiful, fragrant flower.
  • Compare the promise God made to Moses to take care of his people if they follow him and believe to taking care of a plant and creating a flower. If one follows through on their end, God will reward them with (in this case) a flower of great beauty.
  • Tell the children that at first they will see no results from the flower. This is a good lesson in having trust and patience in God's will.
  • Pass out a cup and bulb to each child. Have the children come up to you and get a scoop of gravel placed in their cup.
  • They should then gently nestle the bulb, root side down, into the top of the gravel. Do not cover the bulb!
  • Have the children fill the cup with water up to the top of the gravel line.
  • In about two weeks, the children will begin to see growth, and in about four weeks the flowers should bloom.

Learning Styles

Nature Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Fill pitchers with water in advance to have them ready to fill the children's cups.