Following in Jesus' Footsteps

Activity Objective

To help the children understand what it means to follow Jesus

Lesson Outcome

The children will visualize themselves as followers of Jesus.


  • Long, white butcher paper
  • Markers
  • Masking tape



  • Explain to the group that we are all trying to be followers of Jesus and that in learning the Beatitudes, we gain an understanding of how to follow Jesus.
  • Give each child a marker.
  • Roll out the butcher paper and have the children stand on the paper at intervals as close together as possible.
  • Have the children trace their footprints.
  • Have the children step off after tracing and write in their footprints a petition to God to help them in some aspect of their lives (Examples: stop fighting with a sibling, obey their parents or teacher, listen better in church, and so on) or for forgiveness for something they have done.
  • Have the children decorate around the footprints.
  • Hang the paper like a banner, with the footprints pointing upwards, as if the class was walking toward Jesus.
  • Explain that when we ask for help or forgiveness, God listens, and we become closer to God.


Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, Body Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


If you have too many children in the class, you can have them trace their footprints on individual pieces of paper and hang them around the room.

You need to roll the paper out on a hard surface, or the paper will tear.

You may want to use masking tape to tape the paper to the floor. Do not do this on carpeting.