Following the Star

Epiphany Activity

Activity Objective

To have the children reflect on the Three Wise Men and what it took to follow the star

Lesson Outcome

The children will appreciate the faith of the Wise Men as they followed the star to Jesus.


  • Prayer table
  • Bible
  • Nativity set
  • Three Wise Men statues
  • Large bright star on three-foot dowel rod



  • Set up a prayer table in the center of the room with a nativity set, but no Wise Men in it.
  • Meet the group at the doorway of your room. Assign one child to carry the star and three students to carry the statues of the Wise Men.
  • Instruct the star carrier to lead the entire group around the room, going up and down aisles until you direct him or her to the prayer table.
  • As the group travels around the room, read them the story of the Epiphany. Ask questions like, How much food did they have to bring? Did the men miss their families? Do you think they were ever afraid?
  • When the children arrive at the prayer table, tell them to place the Wise Men in front of the Holy Family.
  • Congratulate the travelers on a successful journey following the star.
  • Reflect with the group on the excitement and joy the Wise Men must have felt. Ask: Did it take faith to keep following the star?


Learning Styles

Body Smart, People Smart

Approximate Time

10-15 minutes


Mark your bible to Matthew 2:1-12 for the reading.


If you have any children who have trouble walking, make sure the group helps them along; let them take any possible shortcuts if they are struggling.