A Fruit Break

Activity Objective

To teach the children that when the Spirit guides their actions, the result is the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Lesson Outcome

The children will tell the story of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples on Pentecost and tell how this relates to their lives.


  • Fruit snacks (such as apple or orange slices, grapes, or a mixture of these)
  • Napkins


  • Tell the children that you are going to enjoy a fruit treat together, while you talk about the meaning of Pentecost and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  • Invite the children to help themselves to a fruit snack and join you in a circle on the floor.
  • Ask the children to take turns helping you tell the story of Pentecost. Begin by saying: The disciples were gathered together in Jerusalem to celebrate Pentecost. Go around the circle asking each child to add a small part of the story. They may help each other.
  • When the story is finished, remind the children that the Holy Spirit comes to them just as he came to the disciples to help them continue Jesus' mission.
  • Refer to the fruit the children are enjoying and say that this fruit is the result of a seed being planted and cared for. When we let ourselves be cared for and guided by the Holy Spirit, our actions result in generosity, kindness, and the other Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  • Conclude by encouraging the children to always remember that the Spirit is with them. Enjoy the rest of the fruit together.

Learning Styles

Nature Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


Make sure all of the children are able to eat the kind of food you are going to offer them.