Glory and Praise

Glory be to the Father activity

Activity Objective

To help the children to be aware of praising God as the Trinity in the Glory Be to the Father

Lesson Outcome

The children will praise the Trinity by praying the Glory Be to the Father reflectively.


  • Tell the children they will be doing an activity that will help them recall all the reasons we give glory and praise to the Trinity when we pray the Glory Be to the Father.
  • Ask the children to join you in a circle on the floor or in your special gathering place. Have the words Glory and praise written on a large sheet of paper in the center of the circle or write them on the board.
  • Invite the children to pray the Glory Be to the Father with you. Remind them that with these words we praise God for creating us and for being with us always.
  • Ask children to join you in a prayer of praise to God. Begin with your own prayer, such as Glory and praise to God for my loving family. Invite the children to add their own prayers, beginning with Glory and praise to God?
  • After all who wish to participate have done so, conclude by reminding the children to praise God often with the Glory Be to the Father and their personal prayers, keeping in mind all the ways God has blessed them.


Learning Styles

People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

5 minutes


Encourage participation, but don't force those who are reluctant to offer a prayer.