Going on a Mission

Gifts of Holy Spirit

Activity Objective

To share in a game format what is needed to undertake our mission as Christians

Lesson Outcome

The children will be able to explain our mission as Christians and how the Gifts of the Holy Spirit can help us fulfill that mission.


  • Arrange the children in a circle.
  • Explain that as Christians we all have a special mission?to proclaim the good news of salvation offered through Jesus Christ.
  • Explain that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit help us to fulfill this mission.
  • Invite seven volunteers to go to the board and write the definitions of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (using the Glossary).
  • Briefly go over each definition.
  • Encourage the children to think of someone they would like to bring with them to help them on this mission and to explain to the group which gift of the Holy Spirit this person represents.
  • Begin the game by saying: I am going on a mission, and I am bringing (for example, my cousin Matthew, who has the gift of fortitude.)
  • The child to either the left or the right continues the pattern by saying: I am going on a mission and I am bringing_____.
  • After all the children have spoken, challenge the children to remember whom others in the circle are bringing on the mission and what gift that person offers.


Learning Styles

Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes