Good Deeds Blossom

Activity Objective

To teach the children the importance of each of their small acts of kindness in serving the Kingdom of God

Lesson Outcome

The children will explain how each person's good deeds spread and become important acts.


  • Jar of sunflower seeds
  • Butcher paper
  • Colored construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Paste


  • Tell the children that they are going to do an activity that will show them how the small good deeds of individuals can help many people.
  • Distribute the materials to the children.
  • Show the children the jar of sunflower seeds and tell them that beautiful sunflowers grow from little seeds like these. Ask if they know what sunflowers look like.
  • Tell the children you'll show them a sunflower as you explain what they are to do.
  • Instruct the children to cut yellow petals, a green stem, and leaves. Tell the children to paste them lengthwise on a half-sheet of construction paper and to put a sunflower seed in the center.
  • Say: Think about a good deed that you might have done for someone and write a sentence about it on the petals, the stem, or around the flower.
  • Then tell the children to put their flowers on the part of the bulletin board (or a huge sheet of butcher paper) that has been set aside as a garden.
  • Invite the children to take sunflower seeds and, whenever they feel they have done an act of kindness for someone, they may make and add a sunflower to the garden.
  • Conclude by saying enthusiastically how much fun it will be to see this special garden grow.


Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


To make this an ongoing activity, have the materials at a special station where they are available whenever the children need them.

Assure the children they don't need to put their names on their sunflowers because God knows and loves all our good deeds.