Head, Heart, and Hands?Go in Peace

Activity Objective

To have the children discuss what it means at the end of liturgy when the celebrant proclaims "Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life."

Lesson Outcome

The children will relate knowing, loving and serving God to their own actions.


  • Chalkboard, white board, or poster board


  • Make two columns on the board.

In the first column write the words Head, Heart, Hands.

In the second column write the words Love, Serve, Know.

  • As a group talk about which words go together. Match words from the first column with words from the second column.
  • Draw lines to connect the words.
  • Talk to the children about the point during Mass when the celebrant says "Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life."
  • Remind the children that they are being sent home from Mass to use their heads (know), hearts (love), and hands (serve) to glorify the Lord.

Learning Styles

Word Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


Have the words written on the board when the children arrive for the session.