Hear, O Israel

Activity Objective

The young people will become familiar with the Shema prayer and its significance for Jews and Christians.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to explain that Jesus sums up the Commandments in his law of love.


  • Bibles
  • Poster paper
  • Markers, crayons


  • Review with the young people the religious customs of the Jewish people at the time of Jesus. Remind them that the Shema was prayed twice a day.
  • Instruct the young people to open their Bibles to Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and to read the Shema silently.
  • Lead the young people in a discussion of why this passage is important to the Jewish people. Remind them that as a Jew, Jesus also prayed this prayer.
  • Direct the young people to create a poster with the words of the Shema and to decorate it appropriately.
  • Invite volunteers to share their posters and to tell what meaning they believe the Shema has for Christians today

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

25 minutes