Help Wanted to Serve Others

Activity Objective

To teach the children to consider how best they can use their gifts in choosing a vocation to serve God and others

Lesson Outcome

The children will describe ways we can share our gifts with others through our vocations.


  • Writing paper (with a vocation or profession written on top, one for each pair of children)
  • Pencils


  • Read aloud the passage from 1 Peter 4:10. Tell the children that today's activity will help them think about how our gifts help us to choose our vocations.
  • Ask the children to imagine that they are skilled writers and have been asked to write a description of the qualities and talents that a person might have to best serve God and others in a particular vocation or profession.
  • Invite the children to work in pairs. Give each pair a sheet of paper with a vocation or profession written at the top, placed face down so others can't see it.
  • Ask the pairs to work together to describe the ideal candidate for this profession or vocation. (Examples: banker?skilled at math, desires to help people save money, works with people to pay off their loans; priest?teaches people about God, dedicates life to God and others, helps people with problems)
  • When the children have their lists, invite the pairs to take turns sharing their descriptions to see if the rest of the group can identify the vocation.
  • Remind the children to be aware of their own gifts as they are growing up and to let their gifts guide their choice of vocation.


Learning Styles

Logic/Math Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Help the children use descriptions that emphasize the service aspect of vocations and professions.