Hooray for God!

Activity Objective

To experience aspects of creation

Lesson Outcome

The children will have time to reflect and pray about creation.


  • Notebook
  • Pens or pencils


  • Take the children on a nature walk.
  • Tell them to be silent throughout the walk and to follow your directions.
  • Invite them to run their fingers through the grass, gently touch a flower, rub their hand down the bark of a tree, and so on.
  • At some point, instruct them to close their eyes and listen, and then direct them to slowly look at everything around them. When they return to the room give them a minute or two to jot down as many things as they saw, heard, and touched, and then call time.
  • The children should use this list to formulate a prayer.
  • Time permitting, read a few prayers to the group or save them to be used in the future.

Learning Styles

Nature Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


While walking, stop only momentarily to view anything of interest, and then move on.

Obtain permission from your catechetical leader before talking the walk.