In My Suitcase for Catholics

Activity Objective

To explore with the?young people?the different ways they can act to follow the first three commandments

Lesson Outcome

The?young people?will gain a greater understanding of the ways in which they can live as Catholics.



  • Explain to the?young people?that there are many different ways they can follow the first three commandments, using many different qualities or traits.
  • Explain that it is valuable to explore the many ways to express our and God's love for others.
  • Explain then that you are going to play a memory-card game called ?I was going to church and in my heart I put? (This is based on the memory game ?I'm going on a trip and in my suitcase I am bringing??)
  • The?young people?fill in the blanks and have to build on the lists beginning from the first child's item. For example, if the first child says faith, the second child will say faith, and then add charity. The third child would begin faith, charity, and then add hope. The fourth child would begin at faith, hope, charity, and then add love, and so on.
  • Encourage the young people to help their classmates remember the list of items that has gone before them. This is especially important for the?young person?at the end of the circle.
  • At the end have the?young people?help you write the names on the board to visually express all the different qualities you can have as a Catholic.
  • Explain to?young people?the importance of all of these qualities and of using them to express God's love for us and our neighbors.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Let other?young people?help with coming up with ideas if a child gets stuck on his or her turn.