Interpreting the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Activity Objective

To learn how the Holy Spirit leads us to fulfill Jesus' mission

Lesson Outcome

The children will be able to explain how the Holy Spirit leads us to fulfill Jesus' mission.


  • Bibles
  • Poster paper
  • Coloring materials


  • Have the children work in small groups or in pairs.
  • Invite the children to understand the meaning of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (as seen below) and spend some time reviewing the Gifts with the larger group.
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit: the permanent willingness, given to us by the Holy Spirit, that makes it possible for us to do what God asks of us. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are drawn from Isaiah 11:1-3. They include wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, and fear of the Lord. Church tradition has added piety to make a total of seven.
  • Then, ask the groups or pairs to choose two of the Gifts and to write examples of things these Gifts can help them to do.
  • Explain to the children that they will be presenting their examples in dramatic form or as illustrations.
  • Encourage the children to be creative with their interpretations.
  • Ask the children in each group if they will be doing an illustration. If they say yes, supply them with poster paper and coloring materials.
  • As the children work, ask them which of the seven Gifts they have chosen. Try to make sure that all seven will be presented to the larger group.
  • When the children are ready, invite them to share their interpretations with the larger group.
  • Close by saying: By being open to the Holy Spirit, we can find out how God wants us to live out our faith and show Jesus' love to others.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, Body Smart, People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes