Interview with a Saint

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Interview with a Saint

Activity Objective

To see the saints as examples of how we can live our lives

Lesson Outcome

The children will develop a greater understanding of the saints and how they help us live our lives like children of God.


  • Books about saints


  • Ask the children to work with a partner and choose a saint about whom they would like to know more.
  • Offer the pairs books about saints to help them learn more about the saints they have chosen.
  • Tell the children that one person will be the saint and the other will be the interviewer. Give the children a few moments to practice once they have created their list of interview questions.
  • When all the children are prepared, invite the pairs to present their interviews to the entire group.
  • At the end of each interview, allow other children to ask questions.

Learning Styles

Logic/Math Smart, People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

30 minutes


Offer the children a variety of books about saints to help them gather information about their chosen saints.