Invitation Role-Play

Activity Objective

To help the children understand that Jesus wants us to include people and to think about what makes them happy

Lesson Outcome

The children will be able to explain the meaning of the parable of the banquet.


  • Tell the children that they are going to do an activity in which they do some acting.
  • Divide the children into small groups of three or five.
  • Explain that the groups will act out two situations. The first one might be a situation in which one child is left out of an activity such as playing tag or jumping rope. The next role-play situation would be when the group reenacts the first situation but does the right thing by including the child who is left out.
  • Allow the children time to plan their role-plays.
  • Encourage each group to perform their role-play situations for the large group.
  • Once the children have shared their situations, lead them in a discussion regarding how the child who was left out must have felt compared to the child who was included.
  • Conclude by reminding the children that Jesus wants us to include others in our daily activities as he did.

Learning Styles

Body Smart

Approximate Time

30 minutes


Demonstrate a role-play situation before the class is divided into groups.

Write possible role-play situations on the board.