Invite Your Priest to Class

Activity Objective

To help the children see the presence of God in their own parish priest

Lesson Outcome

By interviewing and praying for their priest, the children will have a better understanding of the role of priests in bringing God's presence to others.


  • Interview questions
  • Parish priest


  • Prepare a list of interview questions for your priest. (The questions could be about his childhood, his schooling, his decision to become a priest, and what he likes best about being a priest.)
  • Prepare a group prayer by asking the children to compose four or five prayers of petition for their priest.
  • Distribute the interview questions among the children and practice asking each one.
  • Invite your pastor or another parish priest to join the children. Explain that the children would like to interview him about his ministry as a priest.
  • After the interview is completed, invite your priest to sit on a chair in the center of your group. Tell him that the children have prepared a special prayer for him and would like to place their hands on him while they pray for him.
  • Gather the children around your priest, ask them to gently place one hand on his shoulder or arms, and pray your group prayer.

Learning Styles

People Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Be sensitive to your priest's level of comfort with the group prayer. The method of praying may need to be adapted to fit the needs of your priest.


If there are children in your group with special needs (physical, visual, hearing, language, or behavioral disabilities), adapt the activity accordingly.