Jesus Wants You

Activity Objective

The young people will reflect on what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to express an understanding that disciples are called to bring the good news of Jesus to the entire world.


  • Poster paper
  • Markers, crayons


  • Lead the young people in a discussion of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Encourage them to look at such aspects as the mission of a disciple, the attitudes and behaviors of a disciple, and the personal cost of discipleship.
  • Divide the young people into groups of three or four. Have them work together to design a poster calling people to follow Jesus.
  • Have each group share its poster.
  • If possible, display the posters where they can be seen by others.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, People Smart

Approximate Time

25 minutes


Guide the young people who are having difficulty to recall acts of faith in the lives of the apostles. Talk with them about how these acts of faith relate to their own lives and how all people might inspire others to follow Jesus.