Letters of Belonging

Activity Objective

The young people will articulate what being a Christian means to them and how their parish helps them to live their faith.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to identify the Church as the source of support and nourishment for our faith.


  • Paper, pencils
  • Instrumental music CD
  • CD player


  • Lead the young people in a discussion of what they value most about their faith. Ask volunteers to share how they express those values.
  • Have the young people compose letters to their parish using the following outline:

Dear Friends of ___________ Parish,

To me, being a Christian means ___________.
Qualities I see in a strong Christian are ___________.
My parish has shown me how to live like a Christian by ___________.
Some ways I show what it means to be a Christian are ___________.
You can support me in living my Christian life by ___________.


  • Ask volunteers to share their letters.

Learning Styles

Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15-20 minutes


Playing instrumental music while the young people work helps create a reflective atmosphere.

Decide in advance what you will do with the young people's letters and tell them your plan before you begin the activity.