Light-of-God Candles

Praying for the Sick Activity

Activity Objective

To create votive candles for the sick

Lesson Outcome

The children will learn the role of prayer in helping the sick.


  • Small baby-food jars (no lids needed)
  • Tissue paper in different colors
  • Small plastic bowls
  • Glue (not glue sticks)
  • Water
  • Small votive candles
  • Paper plates


  • Explain to the children that praying for the sick is another way to help them.
  • Explain that lighting a candle for the sick as a form of prayer has a long history in the Catholic Church.
  • Arrange the children in small groups. Give each child a baby-food jar and a paper plate. Have the children do the project on the paper plate.
  • Mix water with glue in the small bowls and place among the groups. The glue should be well diluted. Take pieces of tissue paper and place among the groups as well.
  • Instruct the children to tear small pieces of the tissue paper, dip them into the glue mix, and paste them onto the glass jar. Tell them to do this until the jars are completely covered.
  • Place a small votive candle inside each jar.
  • Tell the children to take the candles home and--only with their parents' help--light the candles in prayer for someone they know who is sick.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Have a candle made ahead of time and place it on the prayer table while the children are working.

Play soft music while they are working.

Be sure to have some way the children can wash their hands after doing this.