Name the Sacrament

Activity Objective

To reinforce through a matching game the descriptions, effects, and symbols of the sacraments studied in this unit

Lesson Outcome

The children will show understanding of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Holy Orders, and Matrimony.


  • Prepared index cards or sentence strips, one for each of these sacraments and two or three with identifying phrases or sentences for each sacrament (make enough cards so that each child holds one card)


  • Tell the children that this lesson will help them to remember what they have learned about the sacraments in this unit.
  • Shuffle the cards and distribute them to the children. Tell them that some of them have the names of sacraments and others have a description or something we associate with a particular sacrament. (Example: Baptism?original sin is forgiven; we enter the Church and begin a new life; water is its symbol)
  • Walk around and call on a child who has a descriptive card to come forward and read his or her card. Invite whoever has the sacrament card to name the sacrament and come forward.
  • Next, have a child with a descriptive card for a different sacrament come forward and read his or her card. Invite the holder of that sacrament card to come forward.
  • When all six sacrament cards are standing in the front, randomly call on the remainder of the children to read their cards and join the appropriate sacrament group.
  • Remind the children that through the sacraments, we receive the grace of the Holy Spirit to help us live lives of service to God and others.

Learning Styles

Logic/Math Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Use the cards for additional review by reading a card and seeing how quickly the children can respond with the appropriate sacrament name.