Our Christian Leaders

Activity Objective

The young people will come to understand more fully the Christian attitude toward leadership.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to describe how we all participate in the priesthood of Jesus.


  • Poster board
  • Markers, colored pencils


  • Brainstorm with the young people a list of characteristics exemplified in Christian leaders. Write their responses on the board.
  • Invite volunteers to name leaders in their local communities who they feel possess these qualities.
  • Divide the young people into small groups and assign each group the name of a Christian leader.
  • Direct each group to create a poster depicting their Christian leader. Each poster should include the person's name, title, and the Christian leadership qualities they show. The young people might wish to draw a picture of their leader or to create a logo or other image.
  • Invite each group to share their poster with the large group.
  • Display the posters if possible.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

25 minutes


Provide suggestions of Christian leaders from your local area. If possible, collect pamphlets or other printed materials from local organizations such as Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Charities, or Catholic Youth Organization.