Paper-Bag Puppets

Activity Objective

To reinforce for the children that they should live their lives in the way of God

Lesson Outcome

The children will understand how they should use the Ten Commandments in everyday life.


  • A brown paper bag for each child
  • Markers or crayons for decorating the bags
  • Different-colored yarn for hair
  • Different colors of construction paper for the children to cut out clothes and facial features for their puppets
  • Scissors
  • Glue (glue sticks are best)
  • A printed list of the Ten Commandments to glue on the back of the puppets


  • Explain to the children that the Ten Commandments form the basis for how Catholics should act.
  • Pass out a bag to each child and instruct him or her to write his or her name on the front of the bag (the side with the bottom folded over).
  • Ask the children to draw a likeness of themselves on the front of the bag, using the markers or crayons, yarn, and construction paper for details. The flap should be the head, and the length of the bag should be the body.
  • After making the puppets, ask the children to glue the Ten Commandments to the backs of the bags.
  • Direct the children to put their puppets on their hands. They will then be looking at the backs of the puppets, which have the Ten Commandments printed on them.
  • Reinforce to the children that when they go out each day, they should carry with them the Ten Commandments as God's vision or rules for how we act in our daily lives.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart, Body Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


The activity may be easier for the children if you make a prototype puppet of yourself for them to see.