Guest Visitor

Pierre Toussaint

Activity Objective

To learn more about different ways to care for the sick.

Lesson Outcome

To increase the children's awareness of ways in which we can care for the sick.



  • Before class have a parent or member of the Parish dress up as Pierre Toussaint.
  • Prepare a background of Pierre Toussaint to give to the volunteer.
  • Explain to the class they they are going to travel backwards into time to meet Pierre Toussaint. Have them prepare questions before his visit.
  • Invite Pierre into the room to give a brief presentation and take a few questions from the class.
  • After the presentation and questions, thank Mr. Toussaint.
  • Go over with the class the choices that Mr. Toussaint made which caused the Church to recognize him.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


A simple costume would be effective.