Random Act of Kindness

Activity Objective

To demonstrate to the children that doing an act of kindness can bring happiness to others

Lesson Outcome

The children will experience doing an act of kindness for the parish.


  • Garbage bags
  • Disposable gloves


  • Check with your catechetical leader and have your plan approved.
  • Talk to the children about the work it takes to keep your parish grounds clean and orderly.
  • Tell the children that you are going on a clean-up mission.
  • Pass out the gloves.
  • Using garbage bags, walk together as a group to the front and/or back of your church grounds, picking up papers and litter.
  • Dispose of the garbage bags in the parish garbage cans.
  • Praise the children for their hard work and tell them how much better the church grounds look.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, Nature Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


If the weather does not cooperate to go outside, take the children into church and ask them to arrange the hymnals neatly in the pews and pick up any litter they find.


If your parish grounds are large, set a time frame for how long you want to do the project; target a specific area to complete.