Respect for Life—A Seamless Garment

Activity Objective

To help the children appreciate that all life is sacred and worthy of respect, from a person's conception to his or her natural death

Lesson Outcome

The children will create a collage from pictures and/or articles to show that respect for life can and should be expressed in many different ways.


  • Large poster board or piece of butcher paper
  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Scissors, glue, and markers


  • Discuss with the children the different ways that we show our Catholic belief in and respect for the life and dignity of all persons. Your list could include but not be limited to:

protecting the unborn
providing assistance to the poor and homeless
working for adequate health care for all people
welcoming immigrants
working against racial discrimination
supporting efforts to limit and/or stop capital punishment
caring for the sick and elderly
working for peace with justice in place of war

  • Explain that all forms of respect for life are related to one another and form a kind of seamless garment.
  • Draw an outline of a large coat or other garment on the poster board or butcher paper. Using markers, write the title, "Respect for Life?A Seamless Garment" across the top.
  • Ask the children to look in the magazines and newspapers for pictures, headlines, or articles that express respect for any part of life.
  • Instruct the children to cut out the articles and create a collage by gluing them inside the outline of the garment on the poster board or butcher paper.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


If there are children in your group with special needs (physical, visual, hearing, language, or behavioral disabilities), adapt the activity accordingly.